Your wilderness tour includes an incredible scenic flight from Anchorage to Wildman Wilderness Lodge. You will travel southwest by comfortable twin engine aircraft through Lake Clark and Katmai National Parks, along the volcano-studded Alaska Peninsula Wildlife Refuge, viewing wildlife and exploring the wonders of the remote Alaska Peninsula. Photograph glaciers, volcanoes and miles of untouched wilderness along the way, then down the Bering Sea coastline, all before reaching Wildman Wilderness Lodge. Here in Alaska;s true wilderness Brown Bear, Pacific Walrus and Wolves are our closest neighbors, while moose, caribou, fox and many more wild species flourish all around us and the bird species are too numerous to count. Guided Photo Safaris to view and photograph Alaska’s most wild creatures in their natural habitat. Like no where else on the planet, the Alaska Peninsula is truly, in the Wild! Join the experienced Alaska Bush Pilots and Wilderness Guides at Wildman Wilderness Lodge for a wildlife viewing experience that you will never forget, and return to the warmth and comfort of our deluxe wilderness lodge each evening. Nowhere else in Alaska will you find real uninhabited wild animals roaming as they did a century ago. This is not a canned tourist attraction, this is an EXCLUSIVE Alaska Wildlife Tour and Photo Safari, guided by real Alaskans on the remote Alaska Peninsula. If you want to see more bears than people, don’t go to a National Park! Visit Wildman Wilderness Lodge, where the bears never see people, and neither will you.





Arrival Day:  Mid-Day arrival – Lunch – Guest Orientation

  • Check – in to your room, shake out your gear and meet us in the lodge
  • Lunch in the Lodge Dining Room (bells ring around here at meal time)
  • Welcome to Wildman Lake Lodge Briefing – “Butch” King – Master Guide/ Pilot
  • The Flora and Fauna of the Alaska Peninsula – Wildman Naturalist






Excursion 1:  Afternoon – Jet Boat Tour of Ocean River – Bear Viewing – Birding – Beach Combing

  • Upper River Tour – Water Falls & Artesian Source
  • Ocean River Wildlife and Birding – Bears – Caribou – Wolves –
  • Alaska Peninsula plants, shrubs and wildflowers –
  • Bear viewing at salmon spawning grounds
  • Watching for migrating or calving herds of Barren Ground Caribou, often followed by hungry Arctic wolves. Along the river you may see: Otter, Mink, Beaver and Brown Bear. Birding: watch for Sand hill Crane, Tundra Swan, Bald Eagle and a variety different waterfowl species.  All often seen on the way to the Willy Creek salmon spawning grounds.
  • Enjoy shore lunch along the Black Sand Bering Sea Beach – Beach Combing – Birding



Excursion 2:  Flight Tour – Volcano – Glaciers – Walrus Haul Out     

(weather permitting)

  • Volcano and Glacier Flight over glacier shrouded, 8,000 ft. Veniaminof 
  • Landing on the Bering Sea coastline to spend the day at Cape Senivan – Walrus Haul-Out where we generally find hundreds to thousands of Pacific Walrus, resting and digesting on the black volcanic sand beach, beneath the protective cliffs of Cape Senivan.
  • Coastal Birding, Beachcombing, marine mammals – Wildman Guides/Naturalist
  • Enjoy shore lunch along the Black Sand Bering Sea Beach – Beach Combing – Birding


Departure Day:  Local Tundra Trudge – Experience the Alaska tundra

  • Walk off breakfast on the one mile “Wildman Tundra Birding and Wildflower Loop”,
  • Finish off your check list of Alaskan Mammals, Birds, Plants, Berries and Wild Flowers
  • Scheduled departure back to Anchorage